Founded by Dr. Suh in Orlando Florida in 2013 use a treatment method which integrates Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Physical Therapy,Magnet Therapy, and Herbal Therapy to circulate and balance the flow of Qi (Life Force), blood and body fluid. These are the fundamental substances which maintain the normal vital activities of the human body.

Raphael Acupuncture Clinic has been serving in Orlando from 2013. Dr. Suh in this clinic perform great treatment for patients in any condition of chronic, acute pain,facial rejuvenation and give effective ways to control weight and pain management.

Our goal is to be best clinic to release pain and discomfort of patients physically and mentally as fast as possible.

Dr. Kevin Gangwoo Suh

Graduated oriental medical school 15 years ago and he is now a certified acupuncturist with 15 years experience. And he likes to be a great doctor with you, improving highly motivated and multi-talented professional who is now selectively explored opportunities to get involved in more diversified professional activities as an individual contributor.

Dr. Suh has over 10 years of clinical,research,and teaching experience in acupuncture,Chinese herbal medicine,and medical Qi Gong.

He is a Shang Han Lun herbalist and uses yin yang theory, Chinese Dietary Theory, Qi Gong and acupuncture in his practice.


• Majored in biological science in university of california in LA 1996
• Master of oriental medicine in south baylo university with honor 2002
• Doctor of oriental medicine in korea research institute of oriental medicine in seoul 2005
• Internship in south baylo university in anaheim 2006-2008
• Vice president in east west medical center in california 2008-2011
• Florida licensed acupuncture physician 2014
• President in raphael acupuncture clinic current